Our process

Peace of mind, as a service

We will harden your website against various automated and targeted threats, while also keeping an eye out for your website’s performance and stability.

Vallonic Guard is a service, tailored to your WordPress website, that provides essential protection from cyber bullies and helps you maintain high standards in terms of speed and usability.

Our team will monitor your website in terms of performance (speed), malfunctioning and suspicious activity. After a first analysis and picking all the low-hanging fruit and taking the essential measures, we will compose a Vallonic Guard plan for you, that matches your risk profile and standards.

  • Core Web Vitals monitoring
  • Implementing company policies and legal compliance
  • CVE follow-up and vPatching
  • Periodic back-ups
  • Setting up security headers
  • Brute-force protection
  • On-site technical SEO
  • Server- and client-side issue monitoring
  • Access to our team for content updates
  • Manual check-ups and visual inspections
  • Automated visual inspections
  • Malware clean-up

Our technology

Our WordPress websites are secure by default

Less security modifications are needed on a site that's already a fortress.

Accountability and oversight

Frequently asked questions

Does my site need to be built by Vallonic in order to be eligible?

No. Any website that we deem stable and anything far from being as leaky as a basket qualifies for our protection services.

Are you saying that WordPress is not safe?

WordPress is as safe as you want it to be. The security of a website is enhanced by monitoring (a burglary alarm), policies, expert-guided measures, guards on stand-by and, lastly, quality control with regards to anything that is installed on the website. The opposite — mindlessly installing every plugin you come across, applying no hardening and no policies — is like poking holes in a boat.

What is the Vallonic Guard MLE?

Our minimum level of engagement for any Vallonic Guard plan, tailored to your set-up, is € 250 per month (excl. VAT).

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