Vallonic One

Extensive hosting suite, tailored to WP

Quality-assured shared and private hosting solutions with excellent performance.

The “One” in Vallonic One refers to the simplicity in which we offer our dedicated WordPress webhosting services — from API usage to load balancing — in a single tailored subscription.

As a branding agency — or a client of one — we can imagine that you just want a suitable hosting plan that takes care of all things infrastructure around your website, including microservice usage.

No compromise on performance, no administrative hassle. This is Vallonic One.

  • Performant and secure webhosting
  • Usage of external APIs
  • Transactional e-mails
  • CDNs
  • DDoS protection
  • On-site optimizations
  • Load balancing

Our technology

Organizational learning for faster websites

All digital experiences of our making profit from continuous improvement of framework, packed with performance enhancements

Accountability and oversight

Frequently asked questions

Does my site need to be built by Vallonic in order to be eligible?

Yes. We only take on new hosting clients on standard rates when their website runs on the fourth generation of our WordPress framework or newer.

By controlling who get's in, we ensure fair distribution of resources and, most importantly, being able to deliver on our ambitions.

Is webhosting included in Vallonic One shared or dedicated?

It depends on your wishes. All plans are tailored to your needs and company policies, which will be mapped out first during discovery.

Contrary to popular belief, shared hosting will not get you lesser results than dedicated hosting per se. According to us, it all comes down to the fair distribution of high-end hardware and constant monitoring.

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