Our process

How we plan (on working with you)

Developers are often known for their inability to communicate, plan and match designs. That’s not us.


If you are not a branding agency yourself, we will connect you to one

Communication is not the only key to success. Having a clear idea of your own identity, your impact audience — stakeholders — and purpose, will make the process so much easier.

Moreover, a diverse, skilled and creative team will make sure that the final result will not just be a website, but a digital experience.

Fun fact: did you know that developers often start counting at zero?

The ideation and projection phase

When the first ideas, sketches, sitemaps and schematic experience designs come to table, thought out by you and your branding specialists, we will join the conversation and indicate the pricing range and our schedule.

When the pricing range is within your budget and our schedule matches with the preferred launch date, we will join the discussion on technical details, best practices, requirements and feasibility, while it’s the branding agency’s designers time to shine!


When the web and interaction designs come in, we will make a definite calculation and planning

We all agree on the direction that we are headed with the designs and the final user experience. As soon as we’re confident that we understand our assignment, we will make a definitive calculation and a definitive planning. They are a package — both need to be agreed upon by all contributors before the project is a go.

In the uneventful case that our paths must separate in disagreement, which can happen, the process thus far is a solid base  for any other development agency to get on board. In other words: no biggie.

Development on Webflow. Staging version. Preparing the back-end. Creating a new Vallonic WordPress Framework instance. Preparedness for mobile devices. Automated Webflow imports. Schema. Redirects. Pixel perfection. Feedback implementation sprints. Progress reports. Data storage decisions. Security hardening. On-device testing. Semantic HTML. API’s.

Accountability and oversight

Captain on the bridge

As soon as you take us on board during the ideation phase, we will make a rough cost and time estimate.

Once all parties become more and more confident on what is going to become the final design, it is up to us to deliver a final planning and cost estimate — an inseparable duo.

Once we get to set sail to new horizons together, the planning becomes a working document. A single point of truth, keeping track of accountability, progress and deliverables.

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Starts in 2 days, due in 4 days
All details provided

In a nutshell

As soon as the website is live

Vallonic One

Tailored performance webhosting and related infrastructure, globally, with an edge of quality assurance. Services include SSD hosting, error monitoring, nameservers, CDN, DDOS-protection, load balancing, and more.

Vallonic Guard

Active security monitoring, hardening, maintenance and various other scheduled checks, all tailored to our mutual standards.

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We’re not the only ambitious ones. Over the years, we’ve surrounded ourselves with the best partners in branding, SEO and marketing.

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