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WordPress for enterprise

We combine Webflow, WordPress and a whole lot of experience into everything you might expect from a CMS

What is Webflow?

Webflow is an online tool that allows for developers to code less while building websites. Instead of manually typing most of the code, we can now adjust various settings with the same meaning as what we otherwise would have written ourselves.

This means faster turnaround times on front-end development.

Not only is Webflow our primary tool to convert designs into functioning and responsive websites, it also comes with logic that enables us to make elements interactive. Websites literally come to live.

  • Faster turnaround times for front-end development
  • Logic for adding interactive elements
  • Makes websites interactive without compromising on performance

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source CMS that has been in a business for a while now. And for a good reason. WordPress is a very versatile platform and is self-hosted.

Originally, WordPress is a CMS for blogs. Yet, its versatility did not get unnoticed by the international web development community. WordPress’ “action and filter hooks” system cleared the path for e-commerce, e-learning and corporate website applications. If you are using WordPress only for blogging purposes, you're only using a fraction of what it can do.

  • We can register custom entities in WordPress
  • The Gutenberg page builder is a great schematic page building tool, loved by marketeers tasked with creating lead magnets
  • Multi-language and region-based content
  • More than one user can modify pages simultaniously
  • Server-side queue workers can complete tasks asynchronously
  • In-depth e-commerce solutions with WooCommerce

The Vallonic WordPress Framework

Cherrypicking the best of both platforms

Webflow is great on a front-end level. It allows for developers to work faster, with higher browser compatibility, interactive, lively, elements and fast testing.

WordPress has proven itself as a solid CMS. It is open source. The content and data are portable. It has a queue worker. It can act as a middleware to API’s. It has a great schematic page builder — Gutenberg.

We want all of the above.

And we got it.

Schematic page builder

Every entity, such as a page or an article, consists of building blocks.

  • Every Webflow section, becomes a WordPress building block
  • Different regions or languages can be served different content.
  • References to other pages are automatically kept up to date.

Ideal for marketeers

Marketeers love our CMS.

  • Easily replicable lead-magnets
  • Foolproof GA, GTM, GSC and GO implementation, authored by Google first-hand
  • All behaviour can be measured, out of the box
Global settings

We provide lots of global fields to be set to prevent repetitive work and human error.

  • Different regions or languages can be served different content.
  • Also simple translations are managed this way.

Peace of mind

Security headers, password policies, brute-force protection, two factor authentication, access logging, content revisions, reCaptcha, input sanitisation and many more measures that are in our secure by design Vallonic WordPress Framework.

Crafted with care

Standard operation procedures, experience and conventions ensure quality. Even where nobody looks.

  • Semantic code
  • .precise__naming-conventions
  • Standardized file structure
  • Low server resource usage

In a nutshell

How we plan (on working with you)

Developers are often known for their inability to communicate. We changed that. You will notice that early on.

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