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Our vision

Ever since 2017, Vallonic has been developing itself as a leading partner in the Dutch web development space, serving agencies, as well as semi-government and medium to large enterprises directly.

One of our core strengths is our stance on brands. We only code for highly motivated branding agencies and organizations that are all-in on branding — and therefore have high quality building blocks for us to work with.

Regardless of whether we're building in Craft, Laravel, WordPress, Webflow, or a combination of platforms, the final product is backed by our communications-heavy process and, most importantly, the art direction and concepts of the envisioning branding teams.

We value efficiency, a systematic approach to working and organizational learning. The leading product resulting from these values is our own in-house developed WordPress Framework, which seamlessly integrates a Webflow front-end onto WordPress.

Regardless of the platform we choose, the end result is a manageable, enterprise-ready, engaging and secure website.

...exactly what you dreamt of.


The brands that
we code for

Goedegebuur Vlees Rotterdam

Comissioned by Smaac
Vallonic WordPress Framework 5


Comissioned by Smaac
Vallonic Guard
Full portfolio

Go Volt

Comissioned by Mr Boost
Vallonic WordPress Framework Experimental

Maton Groep

+ Positive Digits & dotGO
Vallonic WordPress Framework 4

Les Mills

Vallonic WordPress Framework 6
In progress


Commissioned by Smaac
Vallonic One
Vallonic Guard
Vallonic WordPress Framework 5

Decanenkring Tilburg

Privacyconvenant Onderwijs


+ dotGO
Vallonic WordPress Framework 4

Naber Plastics

+ dotGO
Vallonic WordPress Framework 4

Willem van Oranje College

Vallonic 360 Virtual Tour

Next up

Let our code breathe life into your idea

We combine the best tools to get the best results. Innovative, yet sturdy.

In a nutshell

How we plan (on working with you)

Developers are often known for their inability to communicate. We changed that. You will notice that early on.

Been there, done that
— will do again

Moneybird connection
Worked for municipalities
Rental websites
Conditional forms
Security hardening
Load balancing
Social media feeds
Offline websites for fairs and conventions
In-browser Zoom integration
Web Core Vitals
Had fun
Keyboard shortcuts for accessibility
Privacy by design
Lead magnets
Worked for non-profits
2Solar CRM connection
Corporate compliance
Malware cleansing
Developed web applications
Offloaded file storage
Worked for education
Custom 360 degree tour client
Worked alongside marketeers
Data entry
Invented the wheel
AFAS Profit connection
Performance optimalization
Website migrations
Worked abroad
Scrollable 3D animations
Worked for a political party
Created brand merchandise


In-house developed technology — the best of two worlds

Our own modified version of WordPress, completely enterprise ready, brings security, performance and a boilerplate for any idea you might have for your campaign.

Webflow bring us their iX2 animation engine and faster front-end development.

Combine these two with our planning, communication and work standards and conventions…

The result is a happy you and a happy website.

In a nutshell

As soon as the website is live

Vallonic One

Tailored performance webhosting and related infrastructure, globally, with an edge of quality assurance. Services include SSD hosting, error monitoring, nameservers, CDN, DDOS-protection, load balancing, and more.

Vallonic Guard

Active security monitoring, hardening, maintenance and various other scheduled checks, all tailored to our mutual standards.

Partner Network

We’re not the only ambitious ones. Over the years, we’ve surrounded ourselves with the best partners in branding, SEO and marketing.

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We’re eager to learn more about you, the brand that you serve and the ideas that you would like to have brought to life with us by your side.


Thierry Maasdam
Founder, CEO
Paul Söntgerath

Vallonic B.V.

Professor de Moorplein 521
5037 DR Tilburg
The Netherlands


We are Vallonic. We are the go-to web development agency for high-end brands and branding teams. Whatever you come up with in terms of web and interaction design, we will not just build a website — we will convert it in a digital experience.

We maintain high standards and we will go the extra mile, even when you are not looking. Moreover, our experience with corporates and (semi-)government makes us a suitable partner for any reputable brand.

With our in-house tech, your website will be performant, secure, legally compliant and easy to manage. Even with bigger teams or in multiple regions.

Although you might not expect it from geeks like us, we actually do know what design is, how to communicate and what a planning is.

Lastly, we also take care of your website’s hosting infrastructure and security hardening, safeguarding not only its performance and safety, but also your reputation and standards.

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During working hours (GMT +1), we're available on +31 (0)416 788 118 for inquiries related to sales, billing and technical support.

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Because of the advantage that e-mail attachments bring to communications, we always prefer e-mail.

If you need technical support and/or you are dealing with an incident, please e-mail support@vallonic.com. E-mails sent to that inbox are prioritised over our general e-mail address, hi@vallonic.com, which is meant for sales, cool ideas and billing inquiries.

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On Instagram, you'll find us on our accounts @vallonic and @middelbare.school. Moreover, our company is on LinkedIn under the name of Vallonic B.V. Let's meet each other there!

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Professor de Moorplein 521
5037 DR Tilburg
The Netherlands